In case you do not receive the refund within 5-7 business days, please contact your bank’s customer care and mention the above Authorization Code (Refund Reference Number). Please remember that you will have to call your bank’s customer care center and not visit the branch for this query. 

Some nationalized banks may take more time than usual to credit the refund. If your bank is unable to locate the refund with the authorization code provided, please dispute the transaction as 'refund not processed'. On disputing the transaction, the bank will see a pending refund and will follow the path back to our payment processor to locate the refund. Should you have any other clarifications or information that you require from us, please write an email to with the order ID.

 The next step will be to approach your bank and raise a dispute with them, however, if they fail to respond would require three things from your end. 

1. The debit from your account for Rs xxx/- DD/MM/YYYY. - scanned copy attached.

2. An email from the bank saying they do not have any refunds from Decathlon to date with consideration to this amount.

3. Bank details - should the above two steps complete. 

We will, therefore, process an NEFT (Manual transfer) for the amount.

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